Politics and public policy significantly impact the environment in which our clients operate. Effectively shaping the policy environment can determine a client's ability to manage political and regulatory risk or derive bottom-line benefit from a supportive regulatory environment. In a world where governments, consumers and media increasingly expect our clients to be part of finding solutions to wider economic and socio-political problems, constructive engagement with elected leaders and officials has become ever more important. Understanding the political climate and government objectives is essential to formulating successful government affairs strategies.


With extensive experience in elected offices and as appointed officials, GD Global's government relations experts work with clients to predict, understand and formulate strategic responses to complex public policy, regulatory and reputational challenges. We assist clients in communicating to and building valued relationships with governments, political audiences and stakeholders who influence governments. We also support our clients' initiatives surrounding regulatory affairs issues and lobbying campaigns through:

  • Legislation Monitoring

  • Direct Advocacy

  • Risk and Issues Management


GD Global's team brings detailed understanding of local political culture and the interplay between governments at the regional and international levels. We operate in all major political capitals worldwide and to the highest standards of ethical integrity.