Corporate Responsibility (CR) performance and communication plays a major and measurable role in shaping a company’s reputation with its key stakeholders and its long-term financial valuation.

Through smart and effective CR strategy and communication, companies can sustain their own growth, demonstrate their contribution to the sustainability of the communities in which they operate and earn the “license to grow.”

The private sector is also increasingly expected to play a leadership role in mobilizing innovation, resources and expertise to address social, economic and environmental challenges in sectoral and multi-sectoral partnerships with governments and civil society.

GD Global has the experience in stakeholder research and engagement, CR program and partnership development, and CR communication, and global and local experts in the economic, social and environmental issues that drive the CR and sustainability agenda in the region.


We leverage our experience and expertise to help corporate, nonprofit and social enterprise clients:

  • Align CR strategic planning and activities with business goals

  • Engage and inspire corporate employee volunteering aligned with the company's community investment and philanthropy programs

  • Develop results-oriented public-private partnerships and nongovernmental organization partnerships

  • Increase investor and stakeholder confidence

  • Understand stakeholder expectations and build effective stakeholder relationships

  • Address product, social and environmental issues strategically and responsibly

  • Communicate effectively and credibly to gain recognition and competitiveadvantage

  • Evaluate impact and design next-generation CR strategies across the triple bottomline