Successful companies define their stakeholders broadly – including investors, customers and employees, as well as suppliers, local communities, governments and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). Each company or issue has a unique set of actors whose influence, knowledge or potential value must be considered and mapped to determine the right level of outreach and engagement. In a global, complex and interconnected world, effective connection to diverse sets of stakeholders is essential to long-term success.


Stakeholder mapping is an essential strategic planning tool and the necessary first step in a proactive stakeholder relations program that not only helps to achieve business goals, but also to win the support of stakeholders.

GD Global works with clients to map and develop the most appropriate stakeholder engagement strategies by:

  • Creating mutually-beneficial relationships through stakeholder outreach with supplier and community stakeholders and NGOs to address business and societal needs

  • Imparting forward-looking counsel on stakeholder actions and positions and other keyissues

  • Developing opportunities and risk assessments to help companies understand what stakeholders represent and their interests in the short- andmedium-terms

  • Providing guidance on how the mindset, culture and behavior of community stakeholders may intersect at the regional or international levels

  • Assisting with entrance into and expansion of new markets

  • Enhancing corporate recognition and reputation


addressing needs surrounding issues affecting employee stakeholders, including how communication and education establishes them as effective companyambassadors