Policy-makers, regulators and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) have the potential to create business opportunities for GD Global's clients and to impose significant – and often unintended – costs on industry sectors and individual companies.


Clients look to GD Global for a tailored approach to issues management that identifies, assesses and deals with threats and opportunities in the external environment. GD Global has particular strengths in protecting and building an organization's reputation and ensuring regulatory compliance.

GD Global's issues management practice helps clients identify and capitalize on opportunities as well as predict and mitigate threats to their organizations and business models. We engage on behalf of clients with NGOs, state and local governments, and national and international regulatory agencies to best serve the interests of our clients and the public. We implement this through:

  • Public Affairs

  • Issues Communication

  • Crisis Management 


Working in partnership with clients, GD Global helps preemptively identify areas where business drivers can create advantages and anticipate challenges in policy and regulatory environments.


Identifying issues while they are still over the horizon helps clients manage their business risks, capitalize on opportunities and favorably impact their bottom lines.